News : letter to timi dakolo pt2 by @pr_emark of excellent mark promotions

Letter to timi dakolo : part2 by @pr_emark of excellent mark promotions

Dear Timi dakolo, you came to bayelsa as invited to speak on a seminer with the theme of how bayelsa entertainment industry could get better.

While speaking, you said, Bayelsa has alots of raw talent , till date and even before now , you have never made any move, not even the slightest move to help or assist any bayelsa artiste or entertainer or even the entertainment industry in Bayelsa in any way……

My deepest pain here is, even if you are acting blind that you have not encountered any good artiste or entertainer from Bayelsa, we all know you know (idyl @idyl_music) , he passed through your very eyes to win a talent hunt WHICH YOU DID ALL YOUR POSSIBLE BEST TO GET HIM EVICTED BUT YOU FAILLED and till date, you kept silent over that boy just after the show (the voice nigeria season two)…..he has released some good songs and videos but even just to post any of his contents on any of your social media platforms, you have refused for this long and this is the least any superstar can do to further publicise young acts all over the country…

Big bro, as it is been done, in the west, north and east, you were supposed to be a stepping stone for bayelsans whom sleeplessly ran elter scatter to push you to were you are now with their time and money in voting for you to win that talent hunt (west african idol) that changed your story but reverse is now the case as you are now believed to be an hindrance to our growth, judging from the many years you have been a superstar and your careless attitude over the growth of the bayelsa entertainment industry.

No doubt you assisting one or two artistes would have made proccesses easy for them but you have bluntly refused. All you do is sneak into the state when government events comes up for you, you get the money bag and secretly run back to lagos, it has never occur to you that one kid from this same Bayelsa streets can be like me in the future if i actually help out in one way or the other, or should we think that you really dont want any other talent from this bayelsa street to be great as you are? , i excluded timaya in this part two of my letter because he pleaded to change and also have made one or two visible moves…timi dakolo, We will make it , with or without your assistance because God can use anybody since you have boldly refused to give back to the primary root that made you, because of your attitude over not assisting or caring for bayelsa entertainment, we found it very hard to convince people to assist us with finance and man power in voting for idyl when he was still contesting for the voice nigeria s2.. All we used to hear from some big men were, “please you people should not worry me with this talent hunt things, the timi dakolo that we spent our millions for to make sure he wins, what has he done for bayelsa, with his large fame and platforms ever since then? …” we had to plead and do alots just to convince them to support idyl….

My anger here is with the people that even brought you as a guest speaker for such a seminnar knowing very well that even with your big brand , you have done zero works in improving the bayelsa entertainment industry. Know that your story is tied just around you and after your reign, you can never be remembered for anything or your name can not be seen or heared from another man’s story, unlike davido, olamide, wizkid, don jazzy ,that has their names already glued to many different persons whom they have assited in one way or the other to become great as they are today and so even if they die today, their names would always be mentioned even in the future.

Written by @pr_emark (ig/twt) ceo

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