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In the thickest and darkest of a forest,
An incredible creature dominate.
A creature that creates a wild imagination
Her intimidating eminence creates fear in the mind of the foreigner.
It image paint a picture of a pronghorn in the foreigner’s mind.
Even in the thickest of the forest, her light conquered the darkness.
Mother nature,an appearance that creates a mixed feeling rolled up with the anger that is caused by her creations.
Her pains are hidden like a mother who tries to hide her weakness from her children. She carries the world in her tortured palm,a world so light but heavy at the same time.
She sees the fault of humans through the green ball in her hand.even as the world creates pains for her.
Unmoved like a trees that compressed to the earth. Her strong hand like that of a rod, her eyes as sharp as that of an eagle,neck stretched to watch the doings of her creations
Her heavy breath like that of a strong wind , face covered by her hair like a woman who just came out of the shower with her hair covering her face and dripping water on it.
She’s a hero of her time a fearless woman who has won many battle and was able to keep her kingdom
Mother nature oh mother nature may your beauty remain as long as you live,may your appearance not create fears in the mind of your love ones, may your weak smile not be mistaken as anger, may the tender ball in your hands not fall.For as long as the foreigners walk on your kingdom may ur light give them direction in the darkness


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