review : top ten most outstanding songs in Bayelsa 2018 by excellent mark promotions

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The list is made up of a review containing air play, how the song was accepted on social media, by audience when it’s been performed, general acceptance of the song on many different platforms and top entertainment personalities comments and opinion about the song

Below are list of Bayelsa top ten most outstanding songs in the year 2018

1) Caro by chiff timz {prod by Chiff timz}

2) better love by idyl {prod by ck}

3) Ororo by youngface {prod by pimpbeat }

4) Raw by payper ft erigga {prod by }

5) Haute by Alvin blaq {prod by id cleff(

6) Wida u by abobi edierol (prod by edierol)

7) Vices by tammy f {prod by abiri}

8) Bone by rhodash {prod by edierol}

9) Queening by ruthy jay {prod by dreamcent}

10) Ise by itempo {prod by dreamcent}

You can google and download all the listed songs and you will totally agree with us that the list is worth it.

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